[off topic] Citizen Science

I still work full time. Which means I still have to dedicate cognitive resources to other subjects. Sometimes – more often that not – I learn wonderful things.

The latest was the magnificent world of citizen science. You know, how you can help science! Whether you’re interested in astronomy, biology or history, there are a lot of very good sites that teach you how to contribute. I’ve made a selection of some very good crowd-sourcing websites:


In a sort of game the user is invited to classify galaxies according to their shape, strange bodies around, etc. It’s really simple and easy to learn.


The scientists behind this project would like to understand the weather of once upon a time. To do this, the users should read ships’ records and diaries and transcribe all climate-related information.


It’s also very easy to understand, although the task is a bit perceptually harder: the user should detect planets via changes on the luminescence of the starts


This one is probably my favourite. The portal is very well designed, and the task is wonderful: match sounds of whales! This should help to localize them geographically.

There are tons of other resources, if you are interested in a specific area just dedicate some time do search for CS projects on it. There sure is a lot of data around there needing your help.



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