Lit. Review

As you know my latest assignment consists on doing a literature review on HUDs.

I’m doing it, even called it “HUDs since the beginning of times. An enthusiastic novel by (me)”.

Reviews have always been one of my favourite things to do. However, this one is different. I truly enjoy the subject, but I often get lost.

Everytime I read a paper, I select a few others. And everytime I finish a paper, I feel lost on where to go.

So today I’ve made an excel sheet to monitor:

– Monthly goals

– Read articles

The articles’ sheet works this way: I’ve mentioned which articles have I read and when, with a little summary of it – I also write Research Notes on them. Then I check all my papers on Mendeley (my love), and I select the ones that seem to make sense together, and I list them as to-be-read. So now I feel much more oriented on my readings.

I feel I’m wasting a lot of time on “PhD organization”, but It’ll be worth it, I guess. Today I read four papers, and because they were previously organized, I took relevant meaning out of them, and managed to relate them somehow.



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