yabba yabba

I have been quiet but things have been nothing but hectic.

Things at work are intense, I am feeling tired and this month my PhD is completely on the background of everythings that is happening. So this is it. When people make that face when they listen “PhD while working”.

However, the revision of literature I was asked to do is done. And I am rather proud of it, and of all the work I put into it. But since then…nothing.

Well, not exactly. Just to lift me up:

– I am reading “Living with complexity” by Dan Norman (2010) on my commutes. I really like his writing. It’s a simple book about everyday things and how the motto “less is more” is not exactly correct. An interesting reflection on trade-offs in design and usability.

– I’m checking a lot of interfaces (some interesting, some funny) for work purposes. It’s interesting that I look at them with a critical sense that I did not have a couple of months ago. This reviewing thing really works!

– I got to say “I hate Superlab” again. If I ever need to present stimuli, I will learn how to use a new software – and free.

– Facebook is boring and I really just check it a couple of times a day. My feeds reader is also really read on weekends. Today I thought of writing some research notes “to relax” – I didn’t though. But my habits are changing.

– Must. learn. Kansei. Engineering.


So I am just yabbeling. This month should be a decisive one. I still have 10 days. And Spring!


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