Cada segundo cuenta

1(Martin Azambuja)

I am perfectly aware that every second counts, hence I should be making what I enjoy the most. The thing is, I love my job. In it I’ve learned more that I could ever imagine. It is challenging, full of different tasks and recently full of research as well (experimental protocols, pilot testing, etc.).

I am also enjoying this thing of always having a PhD on the background. Due to this context, working for the PhD is like a positive reinforcement where I am allowed to peacefully read and write on very interesting subjects.

So the dilemma is not between the two common things: one thing I hate vs. one thing I love. It’s harder (but please, do not interpret this as a complaint). It’s how to manage time between two things I love.

Besides the not surprising time factor, I am always faced with how little I know. I know exactly where I can learn it, and how. I just don’t know when.

I am not being particularly lazy nor procrastinating. I think I can manage my time. I think I just need a bit more discipline.

(with life, don’t worry).


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