Right after I’ve finished my master’s degree public defense, I went to the university’s library and brought a bundle of books on ethnography. I wanted to be an ethnographer, yes.

I researched online,  went to a conference by myself. I made a list of goals and one of them was to sign a magazine subscription. At that time, I was only thinking about one subject.

Way too many years after, I still haven’t signed any! Fortunately, I came across, a very friendly magazine about science, for all readers.


It is beautifully illustrated, very simply written, and it touches several areas of knowledge around a monthly theme. We can learn what biology, psychology or anthropology have to say about war or symmetry, or any other main issue.

I am happy I found something with so many perspectives on the same subject.

Ironically, as a birthday gift I got an annual subscription at Stack, which means every month I’ll have a new magazine at the mailbox.

No lack of reading material, oh no.


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